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Setting up my UVB today. The UVB is supposed to go on top of the screen, but when the fixture is shorter than the screen, eventually the weight will warp or deform the mesh. Hanging the fixture is one possibility (and probably the best for some), but not for my setup. So I had to figure out a way of supporting the fixture on top of the enclosure. (I recall seeing this question come up before.)

The enclosure measures around 47", and reflector on the Arcadia fixture measures around 45", so I have about 2" to make up for. Splitting the difference, I need 1" on each side to get to the edge of the enclosure, and a little more to support the reflector.

Scrounging around the basement, I found some 1x2 (¾"x1½") scraps. Perfect! I measured the width of the bottom of the reflector, and got 2⅜". I didn't want these supports either too short or too long, so I cut them to 4", and cut 2 grooves—a kerf wide each, 2⅜" apart.

That part went well, but the end piece of the fixture got in the way, so I put one of the supports in place on the reflector and traced the profile of the interfering part of the fixture. Then back down to the RA saw, and cut out the interference.

The result looks like this:


The grooves on the bottom were a mistake—cut in the wrong place. :oops:

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“The grooves on the bottom were a mistake—cut in the wrong place. :oops:

they add symmetry, my brain likes symmetry
They'd be symmetrical if they were in the right place. If you look carefully, you can see that they're a tad wide (2½"), which is why I had to do it over. Needless to say, I'm somewhat lacking in woodworking skills... :oops:


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Good idea, I think I will do something like this for my plant bulb that is in the same type of fixture.

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So true. I wound up cutting one end of both supports very short so I could slide the UVB as closes as possible to the Sansi lights (I was calling them "Sansi pads" but that sounded like... nevermind. :rolleyes: )
So now they look like this:


The Sansi lights are similarly supported between an old piece of scrap molding that was the right height to screw the mounting bracket into, and a 1x2:


From the front, it's still a WIP. I need to add a basking light between the two Sansis, and the wiring needs to be moved & sorted out, perches added, etc.

I'll probably switch the schefflera (which the Missus has dubbed "Shefflupagus") with the rubber plant, and I still have to find room for a couple/few other plants.


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UPDATE: I've had the update done for a while, but never got around to posting it.

Things were working, except (as chameleons are wont to do) he kept trying to bask under the 2 plant lights, which were split apart. This resulted in him ignoring the intended basking spot entirely.

So I had to adjust the lighting layout from this...


to either this...


or this...


The latter worked out better.

Here's the actual frame, including improved blocks for the UVB attached to the back.


and installed...


The basking lamp (front) is angled to shine on the basking site—directly under the center of the plant lights.

This works. He now basks where he is supposed to—temps 82-84, and if he doesn't like that, the light produces a gradient, so he can find the temp he likes. :)
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