Silly poop question..



Does this look normal? I have never seen Rebel's poop look like this. I see him drink every time I mist him and he eats like a champ. Just want to keep on top of things to keep him healthy and make sure there are no problems.

As always, thanks so much for any input... :D
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The brown part looks normal. The urate is quite yellow and if I am not wrong also quite brownish. Ideally it is white to light yellow.

From what I know, this could mean two things: Either he has retained poop for a longer time in which case it can occur that urate is more on the yellow side. Or - and most likely - you will have to increase misting and monitor that he drinks properly. I would try to increase the length of the misting sessions first.
Thanks for the response Ulrich. This is the first time his poop has ever looked like this. His urates are normally bright white. (this pic was taken it was normal), I do see him drink every time I spray his cage.(normal spray sessions are aprox. 4 minutes long) He will come over and sit under the spray and drink until he has had his fill. I also have a dripper that goes most of the day. He did start a major shed today but he still came over to drink when I sprayed his cage.

I am building him a big cage this summer and I was wondering if it would be better to make two or three side plexi or do it all screen and have a humidifier going during the day? Here is Houston it is too hot not to have the AC on full time so the air in my apartment is. very dry. At this time I have a shower curtain around three sides but still have a hard time keeping the humidity levels up.
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