Silkworms. What to feed them and what to feed them in?


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So I'm going to pick up silk worms today, I have KK's or rubbermaids to keep them in but what should I be feeding the silkies and what do they need in their tub?
I have heard they will eat dandelionleaves and shredded carrots but that is only temporarily until you get some mulberry chow or leaves. I think that is a quick fix if you run out of food but they cannot survive on that for long. where ever you are getting your silks from should be able to sell you the chow. I just put mine on a papertowel with a few little sticks for them to climb on.
Are you talking about "Bombyx mori" or "Samia cynthia" silk catterpillars. The care and food is very different ;)
...and a cool thing to feed them right before they cocoon is beets and carrots. They'll spin red silk!... ;)
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