Silkworms spoiled?


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Hey guys,
Just wanted to know how I could tell if my batch of baby Silkworms have gone bad. I have found a picture on the internet on how they look molded and they don't look like that. But some of my silkies in my batch are turning brown, is that normal? Just wanted to ask the experienced keepers. THanks and do let me know.

By the way, they are kind of hard to clean. I don't know if its because I got babies. I'm guessing if I got the bigger ones, they probably won't be as hard to keep up.
I've noticed with the silk 'cups' it's especially important to keep up with cleaning out the poop. I even clean each silk worm if I notice them starting to turn brownish. As long as they are firm, and alive...
Usually when my silks are unhealthy they look pretty bad
as ^^ stated, cleanliness is a must. see the thread "Silkworms 101", a discoloring or dark silkworm is in the container, remove it when noticed, do the same with wet silkworms. silkworms are like a 2nd pet and must be kept up, i don't recommend bulk buying unless you can successfully keep and raise them, singles or quantity deals at a local pet shop can last you a good couple days or so.
Silks are a little too fragile for my tastes. I get a batch from time to time with some other worms and I feed off all the silks immediately. They all die within a week anyway it seems, no matter how clean I keep them so they're the first to go! Less hassle. :)
Yes they're still alive. So thats the rule? If they're brown but still alive then its okay? I just don't want my chams getting sick.
Yes they're still alive. So thats the rule? If they're brown but still alive then its okay? I just don't want my chams getting sick.

No, thats not the rule. I just use my best judgement. If they are obviously active and plump, but are just brown from being kept in the cup… I wash them off and feed them.
I know the ones we sell at work will get a little darkish when they're about to shed (growing) and the they leave a little skin and are all white again, so if that's what you're seeing its fine, but if they're getting dark & slimyish yeah I would get those out before they gross up the rest of them. I find if we don't change out the paper towel off the bottom quick enough and it gets damp in there from the food, we'll lose them quicker, if we change the paper a lot and keep it nice & dry but the food fresh & moist it's perfect. It seems to me it's not so much the poop as the moisture that ruins things for us sometimes. But yeah, f there ever is one in there that died like overnight or whatever, if it's left in there for any time at all, boom boom we lose two more like that, right away. But If we take them out when they're goners but not quite dead yet, we usually won't lose any more.
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