Silkworms, help me thin the herd

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Hey all

so as these things (rapidly) grow, Im beginning to realize that my plan to feed them until they were an inch or longer was not a well thought out plan :p

needless to say I would like to thin my numbers considerably to save space and food

They range from 1/4" to 1/2" and I believe theyre a mix of the zebra and regular type (really not sure on that, dont know how much their coloration changes as they age)

grate is 1/2" for reference:


Im in socal and would prefer local pickup
I have never shipped these guys before, but Im willing to try, so PM me for details if youre outside of southern california. Price doesnt include shipping.

Since you guys are so great and helping me to get rid of these guys, they're going for $1.00 per 100 until I get a more manageable colony size. At this size 100 is the smallest order Im willing to ship

a number of you have PM'd me requesting larger ones, I've already put a number aside so dont worry. The price will be a bit higher though as Im using powdered chow and beet leaves and daily feedings get pricey

PM for any and all questions
Im going to put this ad on hold till I can get everyone's requests collated and sent out

Once everything is settled, ill let everyone know if there's still more to thin out.

Thanks to everyone who offered shipping advice!
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