Silkworms available at mulberry farms

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Not sure the exact specs placed on each silkworm they have 20 + count medium large for 5.95, I support them because any time I have ever gotten anything from them my received order has exceeded my expectations in every way, thank you mulberry!!!


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Thats a good price!

Edit: thats for silks without food. Still a good price if you have access to food, but about average if you but the cup with food.


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I wish I didn't have to buy two sets of 20 -- 10 dollar minimum - totally understandable. But I only got the one fem.

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I just got my order from them today. I do eggs as well as breeding my own, but with a few extra mouths to feed, I needed more biggins. I got the "20 count without food" because I have food from raising them. I bought the max limit - 6 cups. I also got my usual order of eggs/food. In my box were all of the above, PLUS a free "extra" cup of silks. Sure, it's only a $5 cup of worms... but that's a pretty nice gesture for a retailer. I've been ordering from them for a while.. but they just ensured I won't go anywhere else commercially. [I still support p2p sales!!]

As for the worms themselves... it's for sure a mix of sizes. I can feed all my creatures with the one variety size cup. From 3month baby panther up to full grown beardie/veiled girl. There's also a pretty decent food supply in the cups - if you only had one cham to feed it may only last about a week. Overall, for $5/cup, I'd definitely suggest them! [You can always request they send smaller ones...]
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