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Was up guys if I buy the silkworm eggs how do I house them so they hatch and what do I feed them? I would like to set something up b4 I order


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Eh i just leave them at 75-85F at atleast 50% humidity. Once i see a wiggler i just put the whole thing on a fresh mulberry leaf and let nature take its course.

I hear its a real pain with mulberry chow since its a fine line between soup that drowns them and too hard and dries out.


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I just hatched my first batch of 250 silkies. It took exactly 7 days. It was quite simple. I put the petri dish on a large plate, put something similar height as the dish for the lid to be propped up. So it has better air flow than the lid being completely closed. Then I put a piece of small paper towel and I wet it once a day. I kept the entire operation on top of my media center above my cable box compartment. The temp is around 80 degrees. I feed them baby mulberry leaves after they all hatched. Will be buying silkies eggs from now on. Much better deal! I ordered mine from Coastal.


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Oh how I wish I had a mulberry tree. Raising them from eggs on chow can be difficult, its a challenge I take constantly.
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