Silk Worms, amount?


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I believe silkies should only be used as a weekly treat. I'd say 2-3 med sized along with 5 crickets. once a week. unless if ur feeding the silkies actual mulberry leaves. they have very good nutritional value if u are gutloading with mulberry leaves. crickets are good for there gutloading "time". gutloading them for the right time they can be very good. just wait 3 hours after placed food in crix cage and then feed to chams.

Brad Ramsey

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It is my opinion that silkworms are a fantastic staple and can be offered at every feeding.
Heika does a day before gut-load with them that incorporates some more nutritious ingredients into their chow that I think is brilliant.
Beyond that, they are high in moisture and protein and are rarely refused.
My veiled goes through periods where he subsists on them exclusively and refuses all other feeders with only beneficial results.



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Right now, I've been feeding my baby vieled about 5 crickets a day along with 3 silkworms. It just depends on the size, with my bearded dragons I just feed them as much as they will eat in like 10 minutes.

Crazy Chams

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In my opinion silkworms can be fed as a staple along with crickets. My adult breeder Panthers are eating about 12 to 15 Silks a day. I also leave a small amount of crickets roam the cage daily so they can eat as they please. As far as my juvenile's go they get about 5 and mainly crickets. Just my two cents :D
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