Sick panther?


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My little year old panther chameleon has been a little off color so I took him to vets. He is currently at the vets but seems to be getting worse?? He is displaying new symptoms all of the time. Currently he won't eat at all, very lethargic sitting with open mouth an now with his tongue out?? The vet seems to be at a loss an is very unhappy with it all?? Any ideas guys?? He doesn't have a RI, his stools have been checked for parasites? X I thought he seemed to have like a fluidly sack under his chin, like In between his arms, but the vet doesn't seem worried about it? Very worried for him :confused:
I am sorry that your little friend is sick. How knowledgeable is your vet? I would try to find one with allot of experience with chameleons. If you will fill out the form linked above and post some pictures we do have a couple of vets on here.
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