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Can anyone offer any advice on what is going on with this little girl? My cousin took her in today and she isn't doing so well. My cousin was told that the original owner couldn't keep her due to her job, owner gave her to a friend but after a week she seemed ill. The first owner said the second owner claimed that she wasnt drinking water or eating for 3-4 days. My cousin attempted to feed her a cricket but it was thrown up soon after, she is using a mister, trying to offer water, and the lights that chameleons need. Nola the chameleon is about 5-6 months old. Her behavior is very lethargic, she lays on her side, she isn't keeping her balance very well, she hasn't stuck her tongue out in a day or two, and her eyes are sunken in. She plans to take her to the vet tomorrow but any advice is greatly appreciated to help her comfort until then. Thanks.


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Hi and welcome. Sorry to say but that chameleon is quite unwell looking. From the markings and hemipenal bulge, I believe it’s a boy. From the curves of his arm/leg joints and short casque, plus the symptoms you describe, he appears to have metabolic bone disease (mbd). Thankfully, he’ll be going to a vet who will be able to offer diagnosis and start treatment. However, if the causes of the mbd aren’t corrected, he will not recover. From just the pic I can tell there are most likely some serious care issues that need to be corrected. Until his vet visit, the best thing to do is place him in a hospital bin - a plastic bin with a towel/paper towel, a branch to grip and a piece of leafy plant to mist for him to drink from. If it’s night, he won’t need heat or light.
We can definitely help you get this little guy on the road to recovery. I want you and/or your cousin to read thru all of the modules here while waiting for the vet visit.
After the vet visit, please come back and let us know how it went, ask any questions you may have and then we can help get this sweet chameleon to his best health.


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I can’t be certain, but it looks like he may also have a fresh burn or injury to his casque that will need treatment. I see evidence of old burns/injury along his spine…his little spikes are missing. Poor guy looks like he’s gone thru a lot. :( Very glad that you’re here and we can help make his life better.


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Welcome to the forum! I’m sorry it’s because of these sad circumstances. Praying for the little guy! Keep us posted and like miss skittles said, we’ll help guide you to make a perfect set up for him.
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