Sick Cham in 24 hours- help!


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Graceful, F, Approx 7 months
How long has it been in your care? 2 months
How often do you handle your chameleon? 1x per week
Feeding - Crickets dusted multi-vitamin normally & Calcium with & w/o D3 occasionally (won't eat anything but crickets ever)
Watering - Dripper in the AM & whenever she sits in her "water spot" (assuming she's thirsty- which she usually is)
Fecal Description - Yesterday morning, brown clear and white. All previous droppings have been brown clear and orange but this one looked right finally
Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites? no
History - Pet shop had her for 2 months with no problems
Cage Info:
Cage Type - glass with screen top (yes I know screens are ideal- haven't found one yet but this one is well vented)
Lighting - Off hand Reptisun 5.0 I think- it's the right one whatever it is lol (was recommended here)
Temperature - 77 day 70 at night. Higher in the top corner at day and lower at the bottom
Humidity - 50%
Plants - No (recently they died, haven't replaced), have fake plants and vines
Placement - On my computer desk (which currently is unused)
Location - Kansas City, Kansas - by the river so it is naturally humid

Current Problem - Yesterday I noticed her "stretching up" (but sitting on her haunches) so I put her dripper in thinking she was thirsty but she refused to drink. Her left eye was closed ad right squinty.

5am I noticed her asleep on her branch with her mouth slightly agape.

9am when I turned on her light she didn't open her eyes then went to move from her branch and was reaching (blindly) for her vine. Her color was normal.

Seemed fine early afternoon.

5pm she was at the bottom of her tank and nearly black. I picked her up and she was fairly limp. I placed her in her hanging food bowl (that she doesn't use) near the top of the cage and switched her light out for a heat lamp and am currently working on raising the heat. Under the advice of a vet I am working on raising her heat and have already raised the humidity (now at 97%).

When I first introduced the heat lamp she turned a little green but was still very black. She currently is still black in color but with yellow spots on her head and a dime sized spot on her left shoulder. Tongue poking out slightly and anus a bit open?

No reptile vet was available to see her tonight but I do have an appointment at 8am tomorrow... I'm just so afraid she won't make it until then :-( Any tips/advice would be appreciated.
Well, as I was posting this my boyfriend hollared at me and told me she was turning yellow (a normal color for her) so I went over to see but unfortunatly I think she is dead. No noticable movement/breathing and no reponse to being picked up. We placed her back in her spot under the lamp though just in case- I've heard of many chams looking dead but not being and coming back- if i can be so lucky.

She's upright since she's in a dish but for sure if I put her down she would just flop. Her eyes are not sunken.

There was some urate in the dish when he picked her up to see if she would respond that looked normal...
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