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hey guys i was wondering if you can help. yesterday i bought a very handsome rusty orange male yemen chameleon. ive saw him in the pet store for the last month and wanted him since. well i stopped wanting him and bought him.

ive got him home and in a tank with all the right teperatures etc. and as soon as i put food in he hunted it down before it hit the floor and ate 2 hoppers 1 cricket and a wax worm.

heres the thing hes unbelievably shy, ive been in the living room all aftrernoon working and hes just come out from hiding now but as soon as i move hes back hiding. he was never like this in the pet store he had such character there. but hes acting asif ive been beating him with a stick and he cowers in the corner.

i know the move, new house and people must effect him but my female wasnt/isnt anything like this.
ai love him to bits already but its quite upsetting to see the panic.

are there any tips to help him settle in?
I'm still a new chameleon owner, but based on everything I've researched, your new cham just needs time to get used to his new environment :)
I'm sure that once he gets comfortable he won't hide anymore.
Just give him time to settle in. Every cham is different. Try putting him in a room with no traffic so he can get used to his new cage. His whole world changed before his eyes. I would gradually go up to his cage a little more everyday and let him watch you put his food in the cage so he associates you with food, or after some time try hand feeding. Good luck with him :)
Agreed! Give him time to settle in! I've had my boy for 9 months now, and he still generally ducks behind something when we make eye contact. Once he is out and being held he is very friendly, but when in his enclosure or out on his free range tree he tends to act like he is in the wild and is very cautious. Patience and time will go a long way with your new boy! ;)
Thanks for all your input secretly I know all this it's just wierd to have got a very confident feisty girl who from 3 months has generally hated me till she's out of her viv and were best buddies to having a very frightened male who when reading they tend to be monsters who hate you.

I guess it's good I'm a teacher so ill be out most of tomorrow so he can get used to the surroundings without me. I guess te fact hes shedding doesnt help his emotions much. I was just expecting a verosious beast. But he's very sweet and I have high expectations of what he will turn out like as he has some amazing rusty colours laced with blue and white.

No idea why he's this colour but its amazing to see him (main reason I got him really). Any info on why he isn't standard greens and yellows
There are some varieties when it comes to colors. I've seen turquoise blues, coppers, tans, yellows, etc. Its always a surprise when they get older to see just what you'll get! :D
I'm quite excited with what I might get ill take some photos and put put them on this thread when I can get closer and he's stopped shedding, since we've been back (2 hours) however sat on the sofa and he's actually come out and sat in full view of us and has stayed there when we stood up so progress
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