Showing off my veiled

A few days ago I took my veiled chameleon, Rango, in to a 5th grade class and taught them all about chameleons. It was really fun and the kids thought that he was interesting. Rango didn't enjoy it as much.. lol. But he got some treats when we got him home. :D

bork da basher

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i did the same thing in my sons pre school class and they were so excited. my veiled is a grumpy sod but they just thought that was funny. once he was out on my hand he was ok and everyone got to see him eat a few dubias. also bought in a trio of my leopard geckos which they all got to hold. they were really interested and paid attention which is alot to ask of 4 year olds im sure more than one went home asking for a pet lizard, their parents are gonna hate me haha.


I'm sure you both made the class so interesting. I wish someone would've shown me a reptile when I was that young in school. I'm gonna do that soon. My little cousins want me to take my Cham to their school for show and tell. It's gonna be fun. I hope kids have fun.
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