Should I change my cage size?

Hey everyone! So right now I have Winston in a 24 X 24 X 48 inch cage but I was looking at the dragon strand website and I really like the look of the medium wide atrium. The dimensions of this one are 28.5 X 18 X 29.5 and on the website it says this is big enough for a panther chameleon for his whole life and in the Kammerflage Kreations chameleon care guide this is the cage they recommend. I feel like I am missing something though because I always thought that 24 X 24 X 48 was the minimum size for an adult male panther Cham? The overall volume of medium atrium is considerably less than the one I currently have and while I think it is nicer I wouldn't want to get it if it's just going to stress out Winston. What do you guys think? Thank you!


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The medium isn’t big enough. Some will say it’s ok because the extra width somehow out weight the lack of height, not sure how I feel about that. The people at dragon strand are great but you have to remember they are in business to make money, nothing wrong with that. I’d be marketing my product to the widest amount of uses too, that’s just good business.


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Here's a photo of a 24x24x48" screen next to a Large Clearside Dragonstrand Atrium. I was just getting it set up, hence the lack of plants in this pic. I think the sizes speak for themselves. IMG_0959.JPG
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