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Hello! I'm considering getting a chameleon sometime as I have a lot of money to spare and think this may be a good time for one. I just wanted to check if what I've got noted down is the right equipment for a chameleon. I don't know what type of chameleon I'd like yet and I'm not sure if that would change what I need, as that really depends on what I can find from breeders/reptile shops/rescues. I'm sorry if this has been asked a lot before already and hope this is allowed! Also, I'm in the UK so if you have any suggestions it'll have to be things I can get here.

I was thinking about this enclosure (X-Large 61x61x122cm), but I've also seen some massive ones in reptile shops so I'll try to get the biggest one I can anyway. Is a screen one alright? They seem to be the cheapest which would be nice to leave me more money to spend on the rest of the equipment.

I've got some white tree frogs already so kind of went off what I use for them, and I think I need a tube UVB rather than one of the coil ones for a chameleon?
Heat lamp: Exo Terra Sun Glo Daylight Basking Light (50W) - And I'd buy a dome fixture to put it inside of course. Does it need to be sitting on the top or lifted up a bit?
UVB lamp: Arcadia ProT5 Kit - Forest 6% (24W) - Not sure if this is the right one

HabiStat Dimming Thermostat 600W
+ the thermometer and hygrometer of course.

I've noted down Pothos, Philodendron and wandering jew, are those okay? Any other suggestions? And would these need lights to grow or would they be fine with what I already have? And are fake plants okay or bad for them? I would only get them as space fillers if I need to like those vines you can get that just hang down the walls. And I also know about needing branches and how to make ones from outside safe, but I do have a reptile shop kind of close by that does lots of branches for cheap prices and it's a great place to buy all sorts of sizes and shapes.

Do I need any or do I just leave the bottom clear? I've seen that some people put paper towels on the bottom to soak up water.

Could I just use a spray bottle or would I need a misting system? And which ones are good? I think you can also make them which I guess is something I could also try if I need one. I know some types of chameleon need more humidity than others and they drink from the water drops so misting is very important.

Got this part all sorted already courtesy of my frogs! I try to give them a variety by switching from crickets to locusts but if I need to keep other bugs that's totally fine. I've also got dubia roaches that I've been attempting to breed but not got many babies yet. I could also feed them baby giant African land snails if that's possible. I've also got supplements ready to sprinkle on for calcium, but would I need any others? From what I've read, they (Adults) eat every other day about 10 crickets?

Thank you for reading! :)
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