Shipping this year has been terrible


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Not only have i had issues with shipping from dealing with my own diagnosing of my nerve pain (getting contrast injected into my bad arm) but omg all the fires and natural disasters have made it unsafe to ship regularly for live shipments i have returned a bunch of payments because i have decided not to ship live for the rest of this year. Gutload though will still happen for those waiting and planning on buying in the future, in fact i plan on buying a burr grinder for it soon! But i am just so frustrated with the issues with the hurricanes, flooding, fires, and god knows what else! Anyone else having problems even with expedited or overnight shipments?
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I'm waiting on my second batch of your gutload.

Got the first one just fine...

I dont feed the crickets anything else except the water crystals.



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Hey sweetie, i guess i didnt update you, i have been having tech problems as well this week, though finally got my phone and computer fixed thanks to a friend. Contact me at [email protected] if i havent been on the forums lately and you havent heard from me it usually means something is preventing me from messaging you. So my blender broke down yesterday but i bought a new burr grinder and it shoulder be here tuesday. Ive been meaning to get one anyway just bad timing since i have two massive orders of gutload including yours. So i will crank out your stuff first chance i get. And hopefully ship tuesday night or wednesday morning. And make sure to include an extra .5 pound to hopefully help with any wait time <3 feed some veggies if you are running low
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