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I bought a little shefflera the other day but the place didn't have the little plastic tags with scientific names on them. I've read about the actinophylla being toxic and that the arboricola is ok... but I have no idea which one I have. Are there any main differences or tricks people have to distinguish them?

If anyone could give me a hand that'd be great. Thanks alot. (would be for use with a panther btw)
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That is an abricola. You can tell the differance by the leaves. The abricola has more rounded leaves just like the one you have pictured. As it gets bigger it will get some yellow on the leaves as well.
thanks for the reply, how sure are you ? When googling the images of both types I really couldn't seen much difference except for the odd picture or two, like alot of the actinophylla pics looked just like what I have. I'm just being extra cautious as I don't really want to harm my cham.

other opinions are welcome ^_^
Those are definitely arboricola.
As Jordan said, it's in the shape of the leaves. The actinophylla leaves are softer and tend to be flat and droop down when older, and also form folds in the middle, whereas the arboricola are more stiff and are upward facing like the leaves of the plant in your pic.
Get a pretty good sized pot. Put about an inch or so with rocks at the bottom, then put the soil and the plant in the pot. This will allow the excess water to get out quickly. If you give that plant good light, plenty of water and a decent sized pot it should grow rather fast.
alright thanks for the tip, can I use plain gravel rocks (washed) or should I use those clay marbles you get at a garden store, also should I use the rock bottom for a pothos as well?
I used some rocks I had in storage that went in an aquarium and the rest I used gravel. I would assume almost any rock should be okay.
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