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my cham is nearly 5 week old when will he start to shed? cnt wait for him to get bigger and show colours got a way yet though:(
When they're that young they usually shed every 4 weeks or so. But since you've only had your cham a week, it would be hard to know if it had shed just before you got, or if a shed was due sometime soon.

One thing I can say though is: don't wish for them to grow up too quickly! They grow at a rapid pace - you'll blink and there'll be a big, colourful monster sitting in your cage!
Not that I have anything against the adults - they're spectacular. But just enjoy that cute little lizard while you still can... :)
lol yeah they cool just see him show some dark patterns then ate cricket and ws alright dnt know if he cudnt catch him at first or ws absorbing light lol :) wish i had room for another might do soon:)
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