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Hello, I've had my male chameleon since he was about two inches long. Now he's over a foot in length and I recently moved him from a glass Exo terra to a 24x24x 36 screen enclosure. He seems to have problems shredding now. Any suggestions. I've been spraying him more to help. He has a lot of live plants in his enclosure.
Hi welcome to the forum. You don't say what kind of problems he is having . When chams get older they don't shed all at once like they do as babies. They shed in bits. Ie: the tail, or the head or a limb , it can take days and they don't do full body sheds. Do you have pics?:)
Sadly I'm not computer savy enough to be able to post pics. Normally when he would shed he would be completely done by the end of the day. This time he still has the loose skin on his feet after a day. It seems to be annoying him also.
The older they are the less they grow so they shed less. As for the frequency I'm not to sure. I'd say for a 10 about every month and a half or so.
Adults tend to shed less often, and in smaller amounts.
They wont really do a full body shed like they used to as young babies and juveniles.

it can also appear to take them longer to shed, or seem as if they are in a constant state of shed.
I dont know how old my chameleon is but he is a sub adult and just shed about 1 and a half weeks ago still a complete shed... after his shed he had totally different colors his green became bright apple green and his bars changed from blue to red... his face changed also from green to red and hands and feet... wow didnt expect to see a totally different chameleon and this time he seems to wanna mate when seeing a female so im guessing 9-10 months old will weigh him tomorrow
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