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how often does your cham shed every month every 2 their a routine or does it consider on how much they eat that month or what ...just curious on how the shedding cycle works i know that it means they are growing but could someone be alot more pacific please..thanks just for those who love to learn more and more about chams everyday thanks...;);)
Mine doesn't really shed regularly. Sometimes it's once every 2 months then other times he'll wait longer. It's always around the same time distance though (between sheds).

As they grow older they shed less. Babies shed a lot
Yea there's no set routine. It does depend on how much they are growing, which is usually related to how much they are eating but not always. A chameleon that is growing like a week in their first few months can shed every 2-3 weeks, while others usually do more like once monthly. But again, it can be longer as well if you have a slow grower.

Additionally, if a chameleon injures themselves (like, they scrape their back leg, for example) they will shed that area in order to heal.

And it's true that it slows down as they reach maturity, so my adults may go 3-4 months between sheds (I don't keep a calendar anymore so I don't have an exact record of it). While my baby panther girls are still shedding about once monthly at least.
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