Shedding question


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I was wondering if I should be worried about a partial shed. My Jackson's shed last week but only about half of his body. One half is brilliant green and the other half is extreemly dark colored. There is no indecation that the dark skin will shed either because there is none of those white upturned flakes of skin anywhere around the patch. The unshed skin starts on his face and is solid all the way to his front legs. It then moves along the ridge of his back.

any advice would be appreciated.
The jackson I had always had some problems with shedding completely. I have heard it from a lot of other people experiencing these problems with jacksons. I gave mine a long shower in the morning and left the cage dry (except dripper) for the rest of the day. This helped mine shed a little faster.
It is just depends. When they are little they will shed a lot. As they get older it will become less and less.
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