Shedding Question!

Hey guys, my cham is around 8 months old and has not had a full body shed in at least 6 weeks. He was having eye problems and around 2-3 weeks ago only his left eye shed and nothing else. Ever since he's been looking pretty ghostly but no shed has occurred. He hasn't changed dramatically in size but he definitely has gotten bigger. Also he's been moodier because of it (it seems like) but he still eats and drinks normally. It looks like his head was going to start shedding a couple days ago but still nothing has started flaking. He also used to shed every 3 weeks before this happened.

Anyone ever experience something like this?
Ya hes a teenage cham. He will no longer poof, but shed in sections. He will also be "moody" for for till hes around a year old. He should be shedding parts every 5-6 weeks.
Yes, he will be moodier due to his age, but the impending shed can also make them cranky. Since he is 8 months old, he will likely stop the full body sheds and just shed pieces at a time, although my 1 year old ocassionally does an almost full body shed!

You could try increasing the misting times or frequencies to see if that helps get the shed moving.
Isn't this a little early to stop full body sheds though? This means that he hasn't shed since he was around 6 1/2months.. Thats normal?
It all depends on how fast they're growing. As I said, my 1 year old (15 months now) occasionally does almost a full body shed, but usually just "parts" at a time and often goes 6 weeks or more without shedding anything at all. Even if your guy does a full body shed this time, 6 weeks is not too long between sheds at his age. When they're really young, they seem to shed every time you turn around, but the full sheds slow down as they get older and their growth rate slows.

So long as he's healthy and eating well, I wouldn't worry.
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