Shedding Question.


Chameleon Info:

Your Chameleon - Mr Pink is a male veiled chameleon, said to be around 2.5 months old. I recently purchased him on the 19th.

Handling - Very rarely, he hasn't got a chance to get used to us yet.
Feeding - I am feeding my cham around 10-12, 1/4 to 1/2 inch crickets broken up into 3 small feedings a day. I dust every cricket with plain calcium, and today I gave him his first multivitamin supplement, along with plain calcium on some of the crickets. I am gutloading with carrots and oranges.
Supplements - Using Exo-terra. I purchased plain cal, cal w/ D3, and a multi. I give him the plain everyday, but today I gave him his multi, and I plan to do his d3 next monday because the seller said she gave him some on the day we bought him.
Watering - I use a pressurized spray bottle. I spray many times a day, whenever I see the ambient humidity (in his screened enclosure) goes to 30% or there are no drops on the leaves - whatever comes first. My husband and I have seen him drink at least once a day since we got him.
Fecal Description - His white and brown poop has never been tested for parasites, at least while he was in my care.
History - Just got him from a pet store that specializes in reptiles and supplies. So far he eats well, drinks, climbs around well, basks, etc.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 2"X2"X4" tall, screened in enclosure.
Lighting - 50 Watt heat bulb (12 inches from basking), and a 5.0 UVB (7 inches from basking).
Temperature - Basking 80 degrees during the day, 70-75 at the floor. Lowest overnight was 65 ambient with no heat or light source.
Humidity - 10 - 15% at basking spot, 40-50% near the bottom. I always mist if the bottom gauge goes below 25 - 30% I use a manual pump mister.
I have two temp/humidity gauges located on the top and bottom of the cage.
Plants - One nice and full schefflera, and multiple pieces of faux foliage with large leaves. Plus a canopy of smaller fake vines and leaves, placed on top of the cage.
Placement - Cage is located in a corner in between two windows, that have good blinds, that I open for a nice cross-breeze on a warmer days. Next to the cage is a radiator heater that will help during the winter for ambient heat. I would say it is a high traffic area, but only because I like to sit there and look at him for a few minutes at a time. He's too cute to leave alone for too long!!!
Location - Southern Ontario, Canada (No, he's not in an igloo lol)

Current Problem - More or less a minor concern as of now, because I'm a first time chameleon owner. Today I noticed a white patch of skin on his front arm, and I figure he's shedding. Next time I went over to look at him, it was all over his front arms, and now it's on his tail. None of it has flaked off, it's just white dots appearing all over. I wouldn't really be too concerned had I not just changed his cricket's gutload to carrots and oranges, and gave him his first dose of multivitamin. I know he's young, and has lots of growing to do in the next little while, maybe I'm just being a paranoid pet parent.

I was unable to get any pictures because I can only see them when he turns dark to bask. Problem is, when I try and take a picture, he turns light green, and with the lighting, it just doesn't show up. Sorry. If I can get one later on, I'll upload it.


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Sounds normal. Sheds can take 3 days and sometimes only a couple of hours. Just keep the moisture up to help with the shed. Sometimes they shed in large flakes. Sometimes it comes off in tiny pieces...and sometimes it just sticks. Have plenty of foliage for the chameleon to brush up against.


Thanks! I've never gone through this before so it's great to know! I thought that there may be a problem since it was happening so fast. I'll make sure it's nice and humid in there for him, and he's got lots of foliage in there for him to scratch on. :)

Update: He is definitely shedding! (I'm so proud of him! :D ) The top half of his body is almost done, and he's rubbing up on all his foliage trying to get it off of him. I know not to help him, so I'll just watch and marvel in how incredibly cute this is!


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I remember the first time my cham shed, I knew he was going to soon, because his skin was getting pretty pale looking, and I walked in one day and got so scared when I looked at him,his face was shedding first, and it looked like it was falling off! After I figured out he was shedding, it became so amazing to me!! Ahhh chameleon first times. :p:):D


He's all done shedding now. Only took a couple hours!

He even went around afterwards and cleaned up (ate) some of the skin that fell off. I didn't know if he should be doing that, so I took out whatever big pieces I could, however he did pull a lot of it off with his mouth, and ate it right away.
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