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I noticed Louie started shedding this morning and by the time I got home the bottom of the cage was full of skin and he looked liked he was done shedding. Is that normal to shed that fast or is he too dry.

Also I only have one real plant in my cage the rest are artificial. Is too many artificals bad? Also the vines hanging from the top are a fish tank plant that is kinda hard. I seen louie walking back and forth past it like he was scratching his skin on it. That maybe how he shed so fast.

When I posted my cage I made some people said I needed more plants and things. Hows this? This is the top halfof louies cage. The bottom is pretty bland but he rarely goes to the bottom. Just to eat and poop.


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shedding in one day is normal. My female just shed two weeks ago. Just make sure you keep up the humidity and don't mist them directly. They rub their faces and body against branches to help get the hard to reach places. The plants look good. How big is the cage overall? From the pic it looks like you could use a bigger one soon. I'm working on a bigger cage right now. My cham looks about the same size as yours. The more plants that you keep in the cage is usually better because it helps them feel secure. You want them to think that you can't see them most of the time.
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