Shedding frequency


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Hey guys, I was wondering how often I should expect my cham to shed. He's about 5 months old (panther) and I've seen him do it once at about the 3-month mark.


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every 2-3 months at that age (depending on weight). By 8-12 months he will start the adult shedding by section stage.


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Sorry to bring this thread back up but I'm a little worried about my male veiled I've had him 2-2 1/2 months and he hasn't shed he was mid shed when we bought him but he hasn't shed since. He hasn't gained weight as much as our female did when she was younger. His appetite seems to be 1-2 crickets/hoppers every other day. Is this enough for him or should I be looking at a fecal test for possible parasites as he hasn't had a proper poop in a while.
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