Shedding aid

I haven't, the product doesn't do anything that increased humidity and extra mistings wouldn't do. Is your little guy having trouble shedding?
i haven't used any either. my noki finally got rid of an almost full body shed that's been stuck for the longest time. i had to keep giving him a warm shower for about 10 minutes every day for about a week. i also bathed him in warm water and he finally got the shed off.
I usually give my cham warm (not too hot) showers during his sheds. I put a shower curtain rod in the middle of the shower, hang a vine in a U shape and let him sit on it. I point the shower head down so it doesn't directly hit him, the water runs down his vine and he drinks it. He loves it! It's a great way to ensure they are drinking and the steam helps the shed :)
Yeah he had some problems shedding last time but also i was just wondering if it's something that might be good to get for the future. But i guess i will just do the warm showers if i have to, thanks.:)
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