She dropping eggs

  • Your Chameleon - Carpet chameleon (furcifer lateralis) , female, not sure of age as she's wildcaught. Had her since march 1st 2018
  • Handling - Only twice so far. Once to put her in her cage and once to move her to a garbage can laying bin.
  • Feeding - Mostly small crickets so far. About 8 every other day. Also gave her some BSFL a few days ago instead of crickets. Crickets are gutload with a home made sry gutload and repashy superfood.
  • Supplements - zoo med Repti calcium most feedings. Zoo med repti calcium with d3 twice a month ( done twice so far). Herptivite multivitamin twice a month ( done once so far)
  • Watering - mistking auto mister. On at 7:00 am for 10 mins. 10:00 am for 5 mins. 12:00pm for 10 mins. And 2:30 pm for 5 mins.
  • Fecal Description - brown with white urates. Has not been tested for parasites.
  • History - got her march 1st as a wild caught from an importer.

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - 16x16x30 reptibreeze
  • Lighting - 40 watt whit household basking bulb. Repti sun 10.0 uvb tube. On at 6:15 am off at 6:30 pm
  • Temperature - ambient 70-75 basking 83-85. overnight 60-65. measured with prob thermometers and checked with inferred laser.
  • Humidity - 50-75%
  • Plants - 1 pothos plants and the rest are fake for now.
  • Placement - cage is in my bedroom. Very low traffic. No air vents or fans. About 5 1/2 feet off floor to top of cage.
  • Location - Ontario, Canada.

Current Problem - when I got nala I knew she was gravid so I have been leaving her alone. Yesterday I went to take a quick peek and check on her and I noticed that she had dropped 4 eggs in her cage. 2 on the floor and 2 on top of her laying bin. I immediately started freaking out because she didn't even try and dig a hole just dropped them. So I setup a big garbage can as a laying bin and put her in it with her lights on top and sticks to climb up on and dug a test hole to see if she would use it. I also put my webcam above it so I can monitor what she is doing. I have made a vet appointment but the earliest time they have is Wednesday at 1:30. About an hour and a half ago I check the camera and there was another egg laying on top of the sand. I don't know why she isn't digging and laying but I'm guessing it's stress from importation and acclimation. I don't know what to do. Will she be ok until Wednesday? IMG_2818.JPG IMG_2822.JPG IMG_2828.JPG


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I also had a pair of Carpets, and my female did the exact same thing. She refused to lay in her bin and dropped them all from the branches.
According to Nick Henn @CanvasChameleons, this is quite common with this breed.

I would contact him for advice. Super nice guy and very helpful. I wish you the best with your girl!
Wc will absolutely not dig. Fecal or not they don't take parasite treatment well either because of the size. Usually wild caught carpets live 3-5 months.


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Carpet chameleons are notorious for dropping eggs! If you're curious, give the carpet chameleon episodes of the Chameleon Breeder Podcast a listen - they talk about it some there. Even offering a proper lay bin is regularly not enough to convince carpet to dig. Dropping almost seems to be their default
Thank you for your replies. I didn't know that they are know to do this. I have been quarantining her since I got her. Clean up the poop whenever I see it and disinfecting everything. Ya I was wondering about parasite treatment since she is so small and wasn't sure if they could even do a fecal test with such a small sample. I will bring a sample with me to the vet on Wednesday. I did know that there are many risks with having a wild caught especially a female. But I didn't know they are know to drop eggs. I have been leaving her alone pretty much all day everyday except to feed her and go check on her once or twice a day. I would kinda peek first to see if she was digging but I guess that didn't help since she didn't dig.
Update: I brought Nala to the vet today.

Damage to tail: she has some damage to the end of her tail and doesn't curl it properly. She got this damage either in the wild or in the importation process. The top half of her tail still works good and is grabbing/ wrapping around stuff but the bottom half is dark. The vet said she still has some feeling in it but it will probably have to be amputated. so hopefully they can save the top half. We are waiting to deal with the eggs first.

Eggs: the vet said she could feel at least 2 more eggs in her. So they gave her a subcutaneous shot of fluids , vitamin B, calcium borogluconate,vitamin A, D3 and E to see if that helps her lay the other eggs. They said if she doesn't lay them in the next 2 days I have to bring her back.

I also got a fecal test collector that I have to drop off once I get a sample. I was going to bring one but of course she didn't poop this morning.
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Just found 2 more eggs! They just keep coming. She still looks a little chubby so I think she may still have 1 or 2 in there. They must have been hiding on the vet. That's 9 total so far.
Just found 2 more eggs! They just keep coming. She still looks a little chubby so I think she may still have 1 or 2 in there. They must have been hiding on the vet. That's 9 total so far.
Hello! I know this post is old.. but how many day she survived after the dropping? Iam concern because my female started to do the same.. so I wonder if they usually drop them all or they get stuck with one or 2 and then die?
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