Sexing Anoles


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Hey guys, I am wondering how i can sex a green anole.

Today while walking through my college campus, my friend and I decided to grab some lizards, and found some green anoles. I may breed them and possibly use them as feeders for my chams.. Anyone know how I can tell a male from a female?? I know their sizes have to with it when they are fully grown.. but is there a dead give away of the sex?
The males have a red thing under their neck that they flap in and out sometimes.

Can you catch me a female and ship to me for free? I need a female but can't find any by my house! I'm completely serious.
PS- I'm in FL to.
haha, im gonna have to wait till they pop out that thing..

anyways.. keep looking buddy, my uncle lives in boca and I am certain that there are many around. I know these people that every year they buy 500 and let them out. Look around a golf course. They love the plants around there.
Yeaah, and they are feisty too! lol spent like 2 hours walking around the UM campus looking for them. I saw 5 total and caught 3 of them. One that was around 8" total length escaped..but I have a pretty big one and 2 smaller ones. Hopefully I am able to breed these and feed them to my chams.

Tomorrow Im gonna look for more. All the ones I caught were in Monstera Deliciosa plants
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