*Several Ambilobe that need new homes*

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FREE SHIPPING and prices lowered because THEY GOTTA GO!

Just picked up a 3 Ambanja boys so these Ambilobe boys gotta go to free up space!

First up are the 2 remaining boys from Crash and a Hyperion girl pairing. These guys were hatched out in Mid-December and just shy of 9 moths old now. Prices are listed with shipping included - more pictures can be seen at my page located here: www.facebook.com/chameleonsinc

Boy #2 ~ $315 SHIPPED

SLIGHT TAIL NIP - about 3/4" gone - very minor

Boy #4 ~ $365 SHIPPED

Up next is SCORCHER: hatched 09/2012 SIRE: Feugo from treecandy ~ THIS GUY HAS A tongue issue where he can't shoot further than a couple inches. I hand feed him or he will cup feed fine. Pop crickets rear legs off so they can't jump out of cup and he does just fine! This boy is SUPER friendly and takes the cricket ever so gentle from your fingers!!!

$275 SHIPPED!!!

Next we have Jake Jr: hatched 06/2012 SIRE: Jake from Chameleons Paradise

$325 SHIPPED!!!

At 7 months old in this picture:​

Current picture:​

Sire to above boy:

Lastly we have Capone that was hatched 6/2011 and his sire is 14K from Chameleons 101

$325 SHIPPED!!!​

Again, if you'd like to see more pictures, please vist my page at www.facebook.com/chameleonsinc and look under photos : albums for many more pictures of these boys plus others for sale!

Shipping is INCLUDED - SOMEONE MUST BE PRESENT to accept the package on FIRST attempt for alive arrival guarantee which will arrive before 10:30! Shipping Monday through Wednesday for following day delivery.

Also will do HFPU (hold for pick up) at staffed location so you can pick your package up at the office before 10:30am on the delivery day! Sometimes this is more convinient for many folks!

Please don't hesitate to PM me with any questions! Thank you for looking​
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