serious issue(s) with panther please help

Hey chameleon forum! I've seen some weird looking things on my 1 year old chameleon... I'm not sure if its serious or not. It started last time he molted, everything went fine...except for his nose and crest (for lack of a better term). His nose didn't shed the entire way and i just passed it off as nothing. However about 2 weeks later i was looking at his nose and it looked like it was half gone! Now there is a black spot on his crest that doesn't look molted yet. Also there is black spots under his mouth and belly. Non of these appear to hurt him when i touch him. Also i feed him daily and i have found him on the bottom of his GLASS/SCREEN cage recently. Here are some pictures of him.

sorry if the pictures show up and that they're blurry, thanks for your help


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Heat and Lighting

I have a dome lamp with a smaller bulb, it isnt that how under it (maybe 80-90 degrees), i can hold my hand under it for a while, the entire cage is about 75 (atleast) everywhere and i have a non heat producing bulb that provides uva/uvb and i thought it might be good to add that i am purchasing another cage that is all mesh and is a lot biggr
From the pics i can see where a piece of the lobe on the head is missing. It looks like a healed area and id have to agree with the above statement that it may have been from a bad thermal burn. I cant see the missing part on the nose though. The black spot under the chin. Is it missing the scales?

Do you have a picture of the set up?
What are your temps at the basking site?
Id like for you to fill out this form if you would.
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