Septermber '05 Photo Contest (Closed)

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Chameleon Forums Photo Contest: September '05

The photo submission deadline for the September contest is Aug 31st.


The winner of this month's contest will receive the dvd:
The Chameleons Of Madagascar.

This video was shot in Madagascar over a period of six years and includes footage of twenty-eight chameleon species - more species than has appeared in any other nature film to date. The Chameleon News has a review on the dvd if you are interested in learning more. Click here to read the review.

Please view the contest rules before submitting a photo. [THREAD=102]Click here to access the contest rules[/THREAD].

Shipping will be covered by The Chameleon Forums in most circumstances. If there is a problem with shipping to your specific country, you will be notified before voting begins. A solution can always be found. There are currently no members that I am aware of where shipping would be a problem.

How To Enter The Contest:
  • To submit your photo, click here.
  • Fill out the submit form and click submit.
  • You are welcome to change your submitted images or update their description anytime before the submission deadline.
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