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My vet recommended feeding my chameleon in a separate container i.e. his travel case. He's about 3 mos old and had a bunch of health problems which have been resolved. I have been feeding him in his travel case which has been great since it makes it easier for him to see the food and i know that he is eating. During one of his illnesses he lost a lot of weight and wasn't really eating. Anyway, could this method end up doing more harm than good in the trauma sense?
Yes it could. Handling him that often to feed him would be very possible to stress him.

There are other options, as simple as watching to make sure he eats the crickets you put in one at a time, cup/jug feeding, feeding silkworms (slowmoving, safe, healthy).
The phoenix worms i bought probably need to be cup fed. How does one do that. They are smaller than I thought they would be and very active.
set he cup below hes favorate perch. He will look down and go for them. I have been cup feeding for almost 5 months. He runs at me when he sees the cup now. I cant even put it on its hanger before hes shooting in there.
Some like to cup feed and others don't. My panther got bored with cup feeding. So now I alternate with cup and free range. I would say with phoenix worms you'll have to cup feed with those because they are so small. I tried phoenix worms and my panther wouldn't eat them, but the tree frog sure does like 'em.
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