senegal chameleon

can i get any imfo on senegal.

1) do they make good pets

2) how hard are they compared to jackson and veiled.

3) what kind of setup should i make for them

4) how big do they get

i was thinking about getting a couple just to see what i can do with them to change my attitude towards what i heard about them makeing bad pets
Almost ALL Sengal's are WC imports- most not in the best health condition. A Senegal was my first chameleon, and I had him for nearly 3 years before he passed, which I would consider a fairly long life for this species. I've heard many stories that a lot die within a couple months because they have trouble acclimating in captivity, and they seem to be one of the more shy and seclusive chameleon species. I wouldn't really reccomend them, but it wouldn't hurt to try something new.

I kept mine in a 24" x 16" x 30" screened enclosure with heavy foliage and 60-70% Humidity. I'm not sure if this was the proper setup (This was like 7 years ago) but he seemed to fair well. Senegal is an arid region of Africa, so my humidity levels may have been a bit high. That's the best information I can provide you with, and good luck with your search. :D
the person i will be getting it from has been raising veiled for years and he got them for his store only becuase he found a couple big one that are doing really well. i want to give one a try to put something different in my collection
i got the senegal chamelon this weekend and it is in better condition than most sengals i have seen. all thre of the one he had were really good looking and eating great. i think mine is a male only becuase my veiled female become aggressive when they see any male of any speices, they dont should there gravid colors when i put them near my female jackson. plus my sengal has quite a few spot on it that is suppose to mean they are males. he said the guy he got them from said they are captive hatched. so far it doing real good i don't mess with much
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