US Selling my breeding program

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I have 3 adults
1 high blue male 2.5-3 years old $150
1 regular female 1.5 years old $60
1 high translucent female 1 year and 3 months $150

92 fertile eggs, 56 are just from the reg female and the high blue male, 36 are high blue/high translucent. $20 per egg must pick them up locally

The males cage is a 3’x3’x4’ $150
1x Female cages are 16”x16”x30” $100
1x female hand made 18”x18”x36” $70
1x baby cage 16”x16”x30” $100
1x baby cage 24”x17.5”x35” $120

1x mistking ultimate w/ seconds timer and three nozzles $220
1x superworm breeding setup with breeders and worms
1x small dubia colony
4x rack systems
Flightless fruit fly cultures and tons of mix
2x 36” t5ho fixtures with uvb bulbs
1x 24” t5ho fixture with uvb bulb
1x 24” dual t5 fixture with uvb and plant bulb
5x heat lamps with heat bulbs
Misc live plants and fake plants

pickup only in Worcester Massachusetts
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Mr. J hahaha

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Best of luck with the sales.. maybe you could try listing the prices of each thing/chameleon.
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