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SeeFood: When a person, or in this case a chameleon, is eating and opens up their mouth to show another person what's inside as a joke.

Here’s a few cool tongue and eating shots for you guys. If you look closely you can see the hyoid bone in some of the pix.



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Pic 4 is the cham I have been searching for two years, from the first pic I saw in the Cham Handbook. Hope she has lojack. :D Simply stunning.


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Amazing pictures Trace.

I love the third picture, she's like: what?
And has those Popeye arms going on too!


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Your photos are amazing Trace! Your babies are absolutely adorable eating. I really like the third one too but they are all just fantastic shots.


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Hey thanks everyone for the nice words!

I’m not shooting with anything particularly top of the line. I have a Nikon D50 body and my lens of choice is my Tamron 90mm. I prefer working smaller species of chameleons and that macro lens is versatile enough to give me the close ups I want and it makes the animals the focus of the picture. I’d like to get some proper photography training and better equipment one day but right now that isn’t possible.

Unfortunately my posse is not co-operative for photo shoots unless I bribe them with a little food. I’ve have not been able to get any decent straight up glamour shots of them without food in their mouths.

Happy chamming everyone!
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