security camera?


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Anyone ever use a camera to keep an eye On your Chams? I was thinking it could be nice to see what's going On with my females once they start digging, and you could see how your Chams act when your not around. If anyone has used them and could recommend a brand let me know. Thanks


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I don't use a security camera but I do rig up a webcam on an old laptop and watch my laying females from my phone or other computer, to see what they're up to. I also do this on the rare occasion when I get a new WC chameleon, to make sure they're eating and drinking.

I think it's a great idea, and there are probably affordable options out there, I just wouldn't know as I haven't looked into something more high-tech than a webcam. But I'd be curious to know as well if someone recommends something.

Great idea for a weekend that you're out of town, too. Because if you have a misting system and adult chameleons that don't need to eat it's ok to leave them at home, but it's nice to be able to check on them and make sure the lights are still on, that the mister is working, etc. And if not, to be able to call someone to go over there (like a reluctant family member who would rather not babysit but who would come over to fix a broken light if they had to). More peace of mind.

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Yes, I have 2 cameras, one in HD to look at the cage and one SD to watch my environmental readings. I love being able to look in on my little guy to see what he is up to without disturbing him.

The kind I use are from a company called Foscam.


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What's the model, and price. I was trying to have the ability to watch from my phone. Do those ones have that capability? Thanks for the reply


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I do systems integration for a living. I've been in this industry for about 25 yrs. I have two or three inputs on my existing security camera DVR that are going to be dedicated to my outdoor enclosure that is in the concept and design stage. I say go for it. There are some camera / dvr packages that I see quite often from and that are pretty affordable that have apps for iPhone and Droid platforms smart phones. I know normal folks would think having a public "chameleocam" would be like watching grass grow, but i bet there are a few crazies around here that might check in from time to time. Hmmmmm, I might have something? More to come.


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Expensive: Dlink dcs 2332l ($269) for outdoor & 2132l. ($169) for indoor (watch on phone, pc, tablet, ps3, etc... can also record on sd card or pc
cheap: use a spare webcam.

Both will work. I really like my Dlink and have found it to be reassuring and helpful. good for security also


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an old usb web cam will work, though every camera in existance is supported by a windows app named "Yawcam" "Yet another webcam" application
This enables you to host your own private or public web server boradcasting a live video feed of your chams.

link is here-

there is also an app named tiny cam available for android that will let you watch from a 3g connection anywhere in the world.

These both exist under different names for apple/mac formats


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if you go this route pm me for the details on configuration, I could not find any support online for tinycam monitor and can give you a walkthrough if you need.

You can buy an old usb webcam for dirt cheap at a pawn shop or target/walmart. You dont need to spend a stupid ammount of money on an IP webcam that you have might have to upgrade your router to use anyway. waterproofing is not needed if you want a birds eye view. If you want to see what your chameleon see's then go for it, get a water proof camera. I would love to see video feed of this! lol

I cant remember the name but there is an app for android that lets you use its camera as a webcam and broadcast all within the phone. I found this to be laggy but at one time was all I could get. Forgot the name after i used yawcam though. Both yaw and tiny are free btw
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