Second try at my first Cham enclosure after getting your feedback.


First off, thank you! Thank you for all your input and kind advice. I went and purchased a larger Pothos plant today and I picked up the umbrella plant last night. I'm using medium-sized rocks over the soil to avoid any possibility of eating it. Couple of questions, do I need an additional grow light for the plants? I attached a post and clamped the basking lights to it and repositioned it so that it is aimed more inside of the cage. Aside from the rain dome watering do you think I should manually water the plants too? I'm not really a plant keeper, sorry if this is a dumb question. Again thank everybody who posted on my first thread and If you have any advice or suggestions on what I could do to make this particular enclosure better please chime in.


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Mike Fisher

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Looks nice. Water the plants if they get dry, pothos likes it pretty wet but is tolerant of dry too. You'll know if it starts to wilt that you need to water. A grow light for plants may not be needed. You'll have to wait and see.

If he seems shy at first you can always get an upright plant like a palm to put in front of the basking site to give him privacy. Good luck with your new guy.
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