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We are finally building Joker a nice custom cage! We went to Home Depot today to pick up all our supplies, but we are stuck at what type of screening to use. We have some aluminum screening already from when we built the cricket "house" but its very hard to see through it. We ended up buying pet screening because I remember reading about it on here but its very dark and hard to see through as well.

Any suggestions on another type that we could use that would still allow us to see our little guy?


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I use the aluminum to for the screen cages, I found out the crickets will chew through the other type of screen. I believe the aluminum comes in a darker color as well.


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I don't think we really have to worry about the crickets chewing out since he eats them so fast as soon as they get dumped in his cage.

The only aluminum screening I could find was silver colored (which is fine) but the mesh is so tiny it would obstruct our view into his cage. I wonder if I can find some with larger openings...? It's hard finding the aluminum screening, it seems everyone is using the fiberglass stuff for screens now. I'm thinking of checking some of the smaller hardware stores and see if they have a better selection.


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The favorite home-made cages I ever built had screen sides and top and a plexiglass door on the front.

Made viewing much better.

Outdoors I simply put the door on the north side of the enclosure so the sun didn't shine through it into the enclosures.
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