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where can i get the screening for a cage?

i just built a 2x3x4 and put the smallest screening i could find but it's still too big and the crickets get out. :( so i've set up a bowl for feeding which works just fine.
but i'm planing on getting a female too, and want to build her her own identical exclosier but wanna use smaller screening.
One idea is to use PVC coated mesh on the inside and screen on the outside. This way crickets do not get out and your chams do not break their toenails on the fine screen.

The drawback is that it is harder to see your chameleons through this. I am working on a cage right now that will be configured this way, and to get around the visibility issue, there will be sliding glass doors in the front instead of a screen door.
dragonbreeder...what happens when the crickets get in between the screen and the pvc coated mesh...doesn't the chameleon ever try to shoot at it when its there? Could the tongue get caught?
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