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I think I'm going to get a new 24x24x48" cage from

They offer a larger wire mesh size. Should I get the standard or larger wire mesh? What are the pros/cons of the two mesh sizes? Is there better visibility with the larger mesh? My male Ambilobe is ~11 months old.

I'm also going to need to set up drainage. Does anyone know where I can get a drain pan or something that would fit under the cage that I can attach a drain hose to? I use a Pro Mist to automatically mist and also a little dripper.

TIA for the help.

Sounds like you will have a system very similar to mine. I just had a custom cage made by It is beautiful. Mr. Sligh is really nice and will be happy to talk to you specifically about your set-up. Additionally, he breeds chams and I believe has schooling in etimology(? bugs).

I opted for the 1/8" mesh as my cham's food will soon be large enough not to fit through this mesh. Visibility for both are good. My cham also likes to climb the walls, so I picked a mesh that will be easier on his feet.

I have to take pictures of my new enclosure, but I had the cage made with no bottom. I have a home-made stand with a cut out top. In the cut out top I have a hard plastic cement pan (from HomeDepot). I drilled a hole on one end and put a drain like you have in your kitchen sink. (This way it recesses below the pan catching any standing water. Also it has that top seive that comes with the drain that catches big peices of sod so it doesn't stop draining//easy to clean too.) Below the pan I have a 2-5 gallon cement buckets. 1 has spring water for my pro-mist system, 1 is for the runoff. This way I don't have to worry about filling or emptying for a few days-week if I cannot get to it.

There are many people with many ideas. Mine was inspired by Heika's cage. I think access to those pictures are still on the forum...

Good luck!
Due to nail snags in the past, I would go with a larger mesh if it were me. I have used regular vinyl screen on some of my cages. Most of my panthers are fine with the screen but I have one particular very aggressive female Nosy be who continually snags her nails. I had to build her a new enclosure using 1/4"x1/4" welded wire to prevent this.
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