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hi... i need help. i dont know what to do. My cam walks around her house, on the screen. and she falls often and from high.. im scare that one day she breaks her legs :( Why does she like to walk on the side of the screen better than in the tree ? I alreaddy checked the temperature is good. at first i thought it couldave been just a hunting session or exploration kinda thing, but she does it now every day. thanks for your answers
I have noticed too, they seem to get into little routines and repeat behaviors.
Are there lots of vines and branches in the enclosure, or just one tree?
If the screen is the only way for her to get to places she may want to explore then she will climb on the screen. If you offer her options she may choose those instead.

Add more plants or other climbing options as Brad mentioned above. Also, your chameleon should not be falling like you describe.
i just observed were my cham went on the screen and got some cheap foliage and put it there. now he only climbs upside down on the top which i cant cover.
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