Scared baby/growth issues..


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So I have 2 problems:

#1) I got Reptar (Veiled Cham) in July of 2014, and it is now January. He was 3 weeks old when I got him, and has only seemed to grow about 3/4 of an inch since I brought him home. I've been doing everything to take care of him, feed him, etc. I'm very concerned that I haven't seen much growth because, based on pictures and the extensive amounts of research I did before I got him and since I've been taking care of him, he is supposed to be a little if not much bigger by 6-7 months old ( he's currently around 4 inches from nose to vent--pic for reference). I really need some advice on this one because I'm very concerned that there is something I am doing wrong and I do not want to cause my cham any harm or discomfort.

#2) Since I've had him, Reptar has been extremely friendly. He loved to crawl all over me and even used to beg to come out. I was hand feeding him every once and a while, and while I did homework I would let him sit on my shoulder, or put him on a vine that I let hang from my desk to his cage. His favorite hobby used to be climbing up my face and sitting in my hair. Needless to say, he was a very social cham. Key word: was. I went on vacation for 10 days over winter break in December, and i left my dad in charge of taking care of him. I called/texted every day for pics and to make sure everything was done properly, so I knew he wasn't being neglected at all. When I came back, Reptar was very skiddish and lunged at me multiple times, and hid every time I even came near his terrarium. I had just put him in the new setup I asked for for xmas (all exoterra: auto mister, terrarium, vines, cricket rock, etc.) so I anticipated him being a little off for a few days, but he was in the new terrarium for 3 days before I had left and he didn't show any signs of discomfort like chams usually do when put in a new home. I was actually surprised. When I returned from vacation though, he was very very afraid of me and still is about a month later. He won't come anywhere near me. I miss being able to interact with him. I honestly do not know why he has been so scared of me lately--he actually won't let anyone near him. Is there something health-wise wrong with him? Could it also have something to do with the fact that he practically hasn't grown at all since I've had him? What can I do to fix it?

Please help :(:(:(



Wish I could help you but the only thing that comes to mind is having a stool sample taken to the vet. Maybe parasites? I think their personality changes as they age so maybe that has something to do with him not wanting to come by you now. I would fill out the form on how to ask for help though.
I agree with getting a fecal done... it can't hurt.. make sure there is no parasites feeding off him... all chameleons grow at they're own rate though.. As long as your supplementing, gutloading and keeping up on your husbandry.. And he's eating/drinking well I wouldn't be too worried, but get the fecal done. And at about that age most veileds I had were complete dickheads or scared of everything.. Just give him time


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Yes, a fecal is a must. Get it as fresh as possible and take it to your vet. If your chameleon has a parasite such as Coccidia, it will inhibit his growth. The parasite lives in the intestines and it will deprive most of the nutrients that your chameleon needs to grow. He still may appear active to you and other than not growing seem "normal".
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