Saying goodbye


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I’ve had my male veiled cham (Silly) for nearly 4 years, and he was the best boy. For the past week he’s been eating less and being less active but drinking normally. Today I took him to the vet and apparently he only started showing signs of liver disease yesterday, and he is on his way out. He’s lost weight and despite drinking so much water his eyes are still sunken. I have the option to treat him but there are no promises anything would help. I’ve decided to bring him back to the vet in a few hours before they close where they’ll put him down...; He certainly is fighting I can really tell, he’s actually holding himself up and attempting to walk around on some branches but it hurts me too much to see him struggling.


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Oh no, that’s terrible! I’m soo sorry for you and your chameleon.😭 But you’ve done your best to give him a good life and find peace in knowing he was loved and cherished til the end.
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