Sayid's Nose!


Sayid shed for the first time last week, his color came in a bit more but I also noticed he has something going on with his nose. I am not sure if it is normal, skin, or I read it may be calcium, but I have defently lightened up on the dusting for the past two weeks. Any ideas??? TIA
BTW the other side has no white in or on it....


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Its probably from over supplementing or he has too much salt in his body. thats how they get rid of it, through the nose. no concerns, just take a damp q-tip and wipe it away if you really dont like it.
IMHO...its not calcium that causes the white around the nostril....its salts so cutting back on the calcium is not necessary. I have not found absolute proof of it but everything I read about excretions like that say that they are salts and that calcium does not form white around the nostrils.
Kinyongia is correct, its an often misidentified myth. Excretion of excess sodium (salt) is a naturally occurring process called osmoregulation, not related to supplementation.
Some supplements do contain higher levels of sodium which, not metabolized will end up excreted in this fashion, leading to the misconception about calcium.
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