Sambava Breeding Trio

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I have my Sambava breeding group up for sale, the Male is a year and half old and is a proven breeder! The female thats a year and a half old is from the Patron line and the secound female is a year old, she is from the Cortez line. The female that is from the patron line is a virgin and has not laid any eggs yet, the female from Cortez line has laid once for me. All of these beautiful Sambava panthers are 100% Sambavas. First is male at rest and secound picture is him fired up! I am asking $980 shipped for the trio. I can accept Pay Pal only Thanks for looking


  • sambava male green.jpg
    sambava male green.jpg
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  • sambava male fired up.jpg
    sambava male fired up.jpg
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  • sambava female patron.jpg
    sambava female patron.jpg
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  • female Cortez.jpg
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