safe plant list for chams?

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Enclosures and supplies has - plant list, DIY enclosures and all about lighting. You can learn a lot by reading through these threads. If you can't find them there then go ahead and ask but I can guarantee the answers to your questions are in there
i have a star jasmine, aka a confederate jasmine, theres also a BOUGAINVILLEA (Bougainvillea glabra)
its in my smaller cage(16x16x30) so far its doing good.. a nice nice portion of it browned and all the leaves fell off.. that part ia kinda arched through the tank so its resting on the top of the screen like an inch under my lights but the rest is still very green... i have a 10.0 CFL uvb and a 60 wat full spectrum bulb on that cage..cant fit much more on the small space. both lights are in the small domes.. i think 8 inch.
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