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Hello everyone,
I have what appears to be a runt in the last clutch of panther chameleons that hatched almost 2 weeks ago. He is very cute, and has a different look than the others. I am just curious for opinions on whether it would be better for him if I seperate him out or would the that just cause more stress. I haven't singled out juveniles at this age in the past, I normally wait until they are atleast a couple of months old. He is a lot smaller than the smallest of them now, but I make sure that he eats when I am feeding them. He seems to be eating fine, just not growing very fast. He is a bit more sluggish than the others too. Opinions are greatly appreciated.

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well maybe you can raise him but for the cham gene pool please never try to breed him. For the hobby we should try and keep the best and strongest genes moving.
I agree with you on that. More than likely if he does survive, I will end up keeping him due to his abnormality. The reason for my concern on this individual is that he is about 1/3 the size of the smallest individual right now. Now I expect size variation but this is much greater than I have experienced in the past. The question that I have is what is the signifigance of keeping newly hatched individuals together, if there is any, and would the effects be bad on an already stressed individual to seperate him out?

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