Rudis Chameleon problem =(

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Cage Info:
Cage Type - screen cage all around
Lighting - UVB light during the day w/ one basking lamp. Lights off at night
Humidity - I spray the screens of the cage with warm water through out the day.
Plants - One ficus plant
Location - Inside my room. Not near the window.

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Female Rudis Chameleon.
Feeding - Small crickets. She doesnt eat the medium or large sized crickets as they are too big.
Supplements - Calcium dusted on crickets
Watering - When I see that she's really thirsty, I use a spray bottle and let the drops fall near her, and she drinks. Other than that, I have an ice cup that sits on top of the cage that melts and drips slowly through out the day.
Fecal Description - shiny wet balls. Rounded.
History - No known history.
Current Problem - Lately my rudis chameleon has been displaying abnormal behavior. her normal behavior consists of staying on top of the ficus plant and climbing around actively aroudn the screens of the cage. For the past few days, she has been sleeping upside down hanging on two limbs sometimes all. She slept on the floor all night just last night. She appears weak and lazy. Usually when i try and take her from her cage, she tries to run away then eventually crawls onto my hands; but now, she just stays where she is at and doesn't even try to run away as well as try to crawl onto my hands. I don't see her eating or drinking. She's in the process of shedding, but she's shedding extremely slow. The last time she shed (about 6 months ago), she shed with ease. This time, it looks as though she's having dificulty shedding.
A little more info please:
How old is your rudis?
How long have you had her?
What type of UVB and how old is the bulb?
How often are you supplementing (D3 or w/o D3)?
Has she been bred? (Has she ever been bred?)

New batch of crickets during this time frame? New type of gutloading food for your crickets?

Ambient temp in cage? Temp at basking spot? Cool spot?
Hmm.. I don't know if she's ever been bred. I have had her since December 2006. My UVB light for her is new and bright.

I took her to the pet store where the owner knows a lot about chameleons and she had a look at her. With the info i gave her, she told me about the possibility of worms. I bought her deworming powder and have fed her. Hopefully she feels better. I had to force feed her by dusting the crickets with the powder and open her mouth and feed her and give her a little water.
She's doin better now with the deworming powder... i dust about 6 crickets with the powder and force feed her every day. she's regaining her energy now.
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