RUBY it is....FINALLY picked a name for one of the pits

little leaf

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FINALLY - a name :D
I decided to name my little horned Jackson female RUBY , cuz she is still rocken the RED :D and her little horns are still growing, not as much as the boys - but I am sure she will have tiny little horns as an adult, and keep her red like Olive has :rolleyes: ( if she loses her red, I will change her name to Olivia, or Brutus as she is much bigger than the boys ! :p )
all of Olive's " Pits" are doing very well , I just love my babies :) :)
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Ruby's adorable!! I would like to own a Jackson at some point. Falling deeper in love with them.

little leaf

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I agree :D :D they are CUTE !!! I still have not decided if I am selling all the boys, or keeping one :rolleyes: I can just tell my hubby I only kept one- he will never know I have 2 babies as long as he does not see them side by side - :p :eek: :p besides, he knows his statement of " I THOUGHT you were only going to have ONE chameleon- maybe you should sell a few" is futile in convincing me 7 is to many :p ( I had 14 at one time !! :eek: )
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