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Cage Info:

* Cage Type - Vivarium - 24 x 18 x 18
* Lighting - uvB & Heat Bulb - 10-12 hours a day
* Temperature - 80-90 During Day - 70-75 at Night
* Humidity - 60 and around 80 after misting
* Plants - Live plants unsure of name right now.
* Location - On its own stand low traffic, good air ventilation.

Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - Chameleo Calptratus, 10Weeks old, I think male.
* Feeding - Crickets, MealWorms - 2/3 daily feeders eat fresh fruit (Apple, Pear, Orange) small gut load mix.
* Supplements - Not often but heres what it contains per gram - 200mg calcium & 150iu D3
* Watering - Misting with hand mister - no i dont see him drink
* Fecal Description - Long darkish colour with a yellow tip
* History - None
* Current Problem - Seems to like rubbing against branches/plants is this normal?
It could be the start of shedding. My cham will spend an entire day rubbing himself against branches to get all the old skin off. He almost slithers against the branches like a snake would.

If he doesn't shed in the next day or two, but continues the rubbing, it could be something more serious. Perhaps an infection, or mites that are irritating him.
If it does persist, you might need a visit to the vet.
The more experienced keepers here will probably provide better information.

But my first guess would be that he is starting to shed.

Just another thing though: you mention that his fecal matter has a yellow tip. I've been told that yellow fecal matter can indicate dehydration - the tip should be white, not yellow. However, your humidity seems good, and you're misting him, so maybe it's something that you should just keep checking, and possibly follow up with some more experienced keepers.
Great thanks i hopes hes just starting to shed then i was told at a younger age they shed alot more but ill just keep an eye out.

Im worried about the yellow tip. I dont see him drink after the area has been misted i also read about the yellow tip meaning hes not drinking enough, lets just hope it returns to normal soon other wise ill have to take him to the vet.
]Babies usually drink pretty good with veileds in my experiences. Try using really hot water in your mister. As the water passes through the air it is cooled dramatically. Using really hot water ensures that is not as dramatic a difference in comparison to their body temperature.

I usually watch the eyes as an indicator for proper hydration. Tygerr's avator shows a good example of a young properly hydrated veiled. I would use that as a comparison.

Remember if your chameleon is not drinking make sure that the humidity is adequate and that they do get some water on them while you are misting. Do not just spray your chameleon as this would be a little traumatic for the little ones especially. I just get them a little wet when they hide under a branch by soaking the area well. They can absorb water through the air and skin.

I to suspect that the rubbing is just in lue of an upcoming shed. The last time my female shed she scratched her body with her back leg similar to a dog scratching it's ear.
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Thanks for the help everyone. Also i have read that chameleons sometime rub against branches/plants and it leaves a scent behind attracting food or marking thier territory.

Can this be true?
Chameleons can not smell that great. Them marking their territory is not really a consideration. You will find that insects are attracted to the smell of feces. Some to eat it, some to lay their larva. The chameleon has some where along the way keyed in on this. Deficating in specific places gives them a spot to check on for food. Rubbing it on the branches that they frequent may offer them an easy meal every now and then. I have seen some of mine stay hiden upside down where they have deficated more then likely waiting for something to fly by.

Chameleons are extremely far sighted. It is hard to imagine but they probably can not even see where they are walking. It would probably look like a blob. They do feel around a little bit. This gives them a concept of their enviroment and where they are in it. You would see this more in a chameleon that is not use to their cage. Switching the decor a little bit from time to time is not a horrible thing but in an adult this could be very stressfull. They have to relearn everything about it.
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